phare The Crone reputation for Quality at Moderate Cost was firmly established in the Crescent Springs area in these early years and continues to a vital core value.   One of the key ingredients  held by the staff and leadership is that we appreciate you.  This appreciation to our customers and staff  is more than a blind statement.  To the Crone’s  crew it is a value passed on from generation to generation, hence the customer and employee loyalty we receive.

We know that to be effective we need to do the right things and to be efficient we need to do things right.  The uncompromising attention to the details is what makes for a great business relationship.  At the very core you will sense a distinct difference as you are appreciated.

In late 1960’s about 90% of Crone’s Auto Body  work was retail–a big shift from the early days. Crone’s Auto Body believes in keeping a strong brand that presents an infernal and external reality of moderate prices, customer appreciation and the quick turnaround.


Our mission is to provide those we serve with an experience that communicates our brand, simply that we appreciate you. Corporate Values We appreciate all those who come in contact with Crone’s Auto Body making sure each experience is of the highest quality standards and implementing a continuous improvement process. Our goal is that you recognize our self sufficient team and are appreciated every step of the process.